Lord Dattatreya

This site is dedicated to the Natural Perfection that is your true nature, and to the Yoga that leads to its knowledge.  Here I share my personal experience and understanding, in hopes of inspiring others to a life of Yoga, which I believe is the happiest, most peaceful life possible.

"Our Sahajāvasthā, our natural state, is like the sky. It is present everywhere at all times as pure Cit, pure Awareness. Thoughts and feelings come and go like clouds, but the space of Awareness is always the same. To realise it, look into your heart and relax completely into the Sahaja state."

~Parampujya Sri Punitachari Ji Maharaj

Sri Punitachariji Maharaj

Sri Punitachariji Maharaj

Above is a picture of my Sadguru, affectionately referred to as "Bapushree" by his devotees.

Hari Om TatSat Jai Guru Datta